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SCIENCE STUFF - if you want to learn more, here are two articles written by #50Villages launch organiser Simon Mustoe:

Before donating to any cause, you may ask, why give money to anything that isn't financially sustainable? Or, why give money to projects that aren’t scaleable? There are four pillars to #50Villages that work together and mean donations last beyond initial funding … the very definition of sustainability. Sustainable finance is a result of market strategies and community empowerment. Outcomes that are measurable then enable communities to track progress and adapt their successes. These pillars combined create the basis for scaling. CLICK HERE to find out how #50Villages is already creating financially-sustainable, measurable and rapid biodiversity solutions at scale, through poverty alleviation.

“#50Villages is your chance to support an initiative that has already been proven to achieve more rapid, measurable and critical social conservation outcomes than most projects we see.”

Patrick O’Callaghan of World Oceans Day Partnerships and Programs